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Setting up synchronization is usually really easy to do. Begin the process by logging in to your SharePoint site. (Given to you by ACSL)  From there, navigate into the SharePoint document library that you want to synchronize.


Then Click on “Documents” and here you should see a list of files that reside that your organization uses. then click on “Sync” Button.

once clicked, a small window should pop up asking if you would like to open Microsoft one drive (This may look different depending on the browser you use). make sure the box “always open using one drive” is checked and click on “Open Microsoft OneDrive”

if you’re already logged into one drive using your work email, then it should sync and you’ll get the following notification on bottom right of your screen. however, if not logged in already, the page with one drive login screen will pop up. Make sure to use work email and not personal.

Once synced, the following should show up on your file explorer with your company’s name.

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